Blood Moon

Thanks to the morning news from yesterday I set my alarm and awoke to see the “blood moon” produced by the lunar eclipse that is a rather rare occurrence.  At first, when I went outside to see it at 3:15 am, I was thinking to myself that I must be quite the fool.  Then, when I didn’t hear another breathing soul in the streets of my neighborhood I realized that my suspicions must be true.  Five minutes after watching it and heading back to bed I figured that while I was a fool I could at least check it off of my list, along with Haley’s Comet.  Then I just downloaded the photos from my camera and decided that it was actually pretty cool to see and I am glad I did it.

Snapshot 1 (4-15-2014 10-50 PM)

This picture probably doesn’t do it justice, so hopefully when I have more time to mess with the video and photos I can edit something to help show how cool it really was.

The Cats

I almost spaced and forgot to do my daily post, but then as I was laying down to fall asleep I heard “Happy” by Pharrell.  Just listening to his thought provoking lyrics I felt inspired and reenergized enough to get up and post this team photo taken from Saturday of the four and five year old cats that I get to help herd every Saturday.  Notice they are still getting them lined up for the official photo and Cutler already has his photo smile on.

004 (1024x768)

Like Mason?

When Cutler got to third base during his game on Saturday I asked him if he was going to slide into home plate and he asked me, “Do you mean like Mason?”.  He wants to do everything his brother does and was so eager to slide into home, especially after watching his game just a few hours before.  Here is a video of that slide, looks like we have some form to work on.

Since that video is so short, I thought I would include this of one of his hits.  He has the pose down after the swing.  If he doesn’t correct it by coach pitch, I may feel shown up and have to put the next pitch in his ear to teach him a lesson.

Insult To Injury

Not only did I have to sit through a horrible blues loss last night, I had to wake this morning to find this picture as the new Facebook cover photo for the Dallas Stars. Take a few minutes playing where’s Waldo and you should find a miserable looking me.


Because He’s Happy

I took Mason to the Stars vs Blues game tonight.  I wore my Blues jersey and Mason chose to wear his Stars jersey.  He originally was going to wear his Blues one, but after I told him the Blues were on a four game slide he made a wise choice and went with the Stars.  We had some pretty good seats behind the Blues bench for a pretty good game…for the Stars.  Mason walked away with a tshirt he caught during intermission and a game puck given to him by a fellow Blues fan that was tossed to him from the bench after it was fired in and hit the glass behind the players.  To top it off, Mason did his happy dance after game and was photo bombed by an odd twosome of grown men dressed as a mouse and a coyote?  They were sober men, dressed as a pink mouse and a coyote.  Now that I put this in type, I question why I spent a few minutes talking hockey with them and allowing them anywhere near Mason.  :)



She’s Back

Today we were blessed to have Kobi return to the homestead for a visit on her drive around the country.  She arrived in time to help pick up the boys from school and each reception from the boys was as precious as the other.  You can tell they both really missed her a ton, even though she did not return from London with an autograph from the Queen.  It didn’t take long before Mason had suckered Kobi into a high stakes game of MASON (think horse) with the mini basketball on the mini hoop.  Mason comes up with some rather imaginative shots, including one from the scooter that I had a great video of that I can’t get to work.  Oh well, at least Mason can say that he beat Kobi at basketball, he just doesn’t have to mention that her name ends with an I instead of an E.

I’ll work on some more embarrassing videos that can be posted while she is in town.



The Waiting Room

Today while waiting for my turn to see the orthopedic surgeon about my hockey injured shoulder I decided that the next best sitcom, yet to be written, has to be based on the characters and the things they say and do while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room.  Today I found myself wishing that I had my ear buds with me so that I could appear to be listening to music, so as to avoid conversation with anyone, while listening in on their conversations and activities.  Some would call it eavesdropping, however given the volume at which they were talking there is no eavesdropping about it.  To start off there was the woman playing family feud on her phone with the volume cranked to full and he friend providing assistance over her shoulder trying to help her spell Harvard, unsuccessfully, while apparently being spotted the H–V-RD.  Then there was the overweight lady, with the extremely obnoxious and loud ring tone going off for what appeared to be an eternity, but she wasn’t able to answer as she couldn’t reach it in her front pocket while wedged into the wheel chair.  Then came in a very well built older man standing about 6’5″ using a walking stick that appeared to be the staff used by Little John in the tales of Robin Hood.  This man called everyone young man, in a friendly way, and was an expert on everything from the traffic to local politics to the fine art of jujitsu.  Fortunately he gathered the attention of another young man and left me to my observations.  Finally there was the middle aged man that thought he was better than everyone else and couldn’t believe he was…oh wait, that was me.

I’m telling you, there is television gold waiting in just about every waiting room.  I’m thinking it is time to team together with Angie (first born of two sisters*) for her stories and start reaching out to Hollywood**.

*After referencing Angie in a previous post I was informed that I am no longer to refer to her as my older sister, even though she is.

**Do you still have to go to Hollywood to get a show run?  Burbank maybe?