The LLS asked for an updated photo of Cutler for the Links Fore Leukemia tournament, something that would include a golf club.  So this morning, before heading to school, I handed Cutler his driver and told him to take a few swings for a quick makeshift photo shoot.  Despite his lack of genuine smile in most photos of late, he shined on this effort.  It must be his love of golf.  Here are a few that I really liked.  By a few, I mean a lot and this was with restraint.

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Relaxing View

After watching some incredibly tense and overly chippy playoff hockey I thought I would mellow out by watching some video of the boys playing.  Considering the two of them are quite often going at it like hockey players on opposite teams, it is good to catch these rare moments while lounging by the window.  I actually sat there watching for a good 20 minutes.  Such a relaxing and heart warming view.

This late night give up is brought to you by NHL playoff hockey.


Still Flying And Sliding

After a really long day, I’m ready to put a pin in it and go to sleep in anticipation of an early awakening by the kids ready to hunt Easter eggs and so I shall share with you a quick video of my “fast” child on his journey from first to second tonight and his amazing sliding skills.  I promise this is not him tripping over second base, just his attempt to slide.



I saw this sign at chikfila today and because I am immature I won’t say what I thought it was really saying. But then I look at it again tonight after I have had some time to mature and…nope can’t do it. Even if you sound it out as written it sounds like what my immaturity was telling me this morning.