Back To School

Cutler started kindergarten today and Mason started 3rd grade.  Here are the obligatory photos including one that his teacher took. 

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Challenge Accepted – Mason

Here is Mason’s go after being challenged by his BFF, Ryan Delapaz.  He challenges McKinley Oliver, Natalie Gillum, Taylor Carley, and Jackson Flaherty.  Remember, it’s not just about the cooling off, it’s also about heating up the fight against ALS with a donation.  We donated in memory of Melanie’s Aunt Alma.  Join The Fight Against ALS




Challenge Accepted

I was first challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge by my good buddy Johnny Lombardi in Boston a couple weeks ago and after continually forgetting to complete it I was then challenged by my second favorite sister, Angie.  This evening I finally found the time, with the help of Mason and a couple of his teammates.  My challenge goes to Ed Kless, Kim Gregory, and Brenda Grobler all the way over in Afghanistan.  Don’t forget to donate… Help Fight ALS

Mason is excited to complete his tomorrow.


We Have Lost Another Great One

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Yesterday morning my dear friend, Glen DelRosario, ended his long and brave battle with cancer leaving behind a wonder wife and three beautiful girls.  Glen was one of my closest friends for many years in Dallas prior to him meeting Tanya and me flying off to South Africa.  I didn’t do the best of keeping in touch while I was gone, but when we finally reconnected, after I learned of Glen’s diagnosis, one of the first things he told me was that he loved me.  During his battle he never lost his humor, his positive attitude, or his desire to love those around him.  I’m honored that my boys were able to meet him, for the second time, this past February and witness two male friends hug and show their love for each other.

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.


A Long Overdue Farewell

On Monday Grandma Lewis, my mother’s mom, passed away after a long and arduous couple of years for both her and the family.  My title may seem a bit insensitive, but it isn’t intended this way and it actually has multiple meanings.  First of all, it is long overdue as I should have posted something on Monday when it happened and I won’t provide a multitude of somewhat valid excuses as they are just excuses.  The title is also appropriate as my dear grandmother hasn’t really been with us for what feels like years.  Sure, she had come around in spurts here and there with lucid moments, but sadly she wasn’t herself for a long time and now all of her pain is finally gone and she is in heaven working grandpa over on not being such a pest with his ornery sense of humor (it’s mainly where I get mine from and now Cutler as a continuing line of awesome humor).

These are the words that I use to comfort those that try to comfort me when I tell them that my grandma passed away, but despite how much I believe she is in a better place and no longer in pain it still hurts a lot more than I anticipated.